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Well today i saw DBP down at the bullshit "save etheopia" rally. He was hopped up on crack, what a surprise. I was feeling gracious so i stole his crack, its the only was he will beat the habit. I then went to work. After work i was very tired and not paying attention when i was driving home and i hit something. I got out of my car to see what it was. OMG i hit a DBP! I was overcome with emotion. At first i was sad that i had killed a human, then i thought wait a minute dbp isnt human.... its a filthy etheopian mongrel. I was so proud! I caught a DBP! I put the body in my car and drove home with my sick etheopi wannabe dbp. I took a picture of the pale dead dbp.

On a differnt note..... WHIIITE POWWWEEEERRR!. Its great being white. I remember when i was a little one in school, i could steal all the food i wanted from that gay cafeteria... the teachers would always watch the black people and not oay any attention to me. hooray!

What would you do if you saw a pregnant black legless retarded jew? well i know what dbp would do.... marrry her. of course. that slut.
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