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Is it the end of Anti-DBP???? Nah..... just wait til this Valentines shits over with

WAY TO GO DONALD! YOU KILLED ANTI-DBP! I dunt know how i can make fun of you after this. You fuckin faggot, are you tryin to ruin my life?!? I lived for Anti-DBP, i dedicated my whole life to it! Then you go and do something this retarded like make me think yer a sweet guy by making me precious paintings. How dare you!

Well this isnt the end. HAHAHA this guy at work made me think of you. He was skinnier than me and he took a hospitality mint and i wanted to say "dont eat that mint, yer ethiopain body might explode since you obviously havent eaten in years."

ANYWAYS, YOU THINK YOUVE WON BUT YOU HAVENT. Remember this when yer sitting at home thinking yer safe, Anti-DBP WILL rise again, with all the force of a mighty Rapturesaurus times 2. Be afraid.
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